• Welcome to Hedda’s Skincare!  My love for our planet was born inside my mother’s heart.  She’s an earth angel down here.  We were poor growing up and grew our food, making most items from scratch.  Some of my favorite memories were baking with my mother and grandmother, watching my personal hero, Julia Child on television, (she taught me to bake a chicken).  My other favorites were mixing salves and potions using flowers from the garden and my grandmother’s perfumes and many creams.  Fast forward many life chapters, my childhood dream was given the breath of life, inside the walls of my Aroma Therapy Study Program.  There I immersed myself in the sweet aromas of the plants, inhaling their essence and vibrations.  Through this program and additional chemistry, and a desire to continue evolving, my skincare line grew and expanded with me.

    For personal and private health reasons, I spent years researching the chemicals and synthetic ingredients in common skincare and home cleaning products.  This furthered my passion for finding healthy, beneficial, organic and natural skincare alternatives.  As a woman approaching fifty, there is a need for me to have products that provide my skin with the vitamins, micronutrients and nutrition it needs to repair and maintain itself.  My husband Jim and I are committed to using natural and organic cleaning products  in our home.  We make everything from laundry detergent to hair conditioner.  We will be sharing videos in the coming months on how to make your own laundry soap, bathroom scouring cleanser and all-purpose cleaning products.  You will save money and clean your oven without rubber gloves.

    We are committed to providing you with a high quality product made with natural and organic ingredients, for your beautiful, incredible amazing skin.  Everyone can have beautiful skin.  It’s our largest organ and has layers of protection, it holds us all together and can regenerate, shed and expand.  I love skin and making products is my passion.  All our products are made with quality ingredients, loving intention, and care for you and your amazing skin.

    My personal favorite is the Island Butter.  Please read the ingredients of each item to determine if it is a good fit for you.

    With our deodorant, you will still perspire but you will not stink.  There is no water in any of our products.  They are concentrated so a little goes further than your standard store bought product.

    Thank you for reading and being a part of our life and journey.  We hope that your skin feels better after using our products.

    Love and healthy and happy skin,


    Jim & Hedda Fay


    P.S.  Licks and tail wags from Bebe and Chewie, the two most incredible pets anyone could ever wish for.