Chocolate Earth Mask


Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Powder, Australian Reef Red Clay, French Pink Clay, Vitamin C, & Love!

Description: My skin is bonkers sometimes! I am sure I am not alone. It can be a challenge to find something that will clean, nourish, detoxify and tighten my skin. Having not found anything, I began to research clays, minerals and ingredients for my skin. Ta-Da! I created the Chocolate Earth Mask. It will come to you dry, so you can mix and use it as needed. This mask has it all including organic cocoa powder. This rich dark cocoa powder will nourish, soften and condition your skin, while lightly exfoliating it. It is a quick mask too, on and off within 5-8 minutes.

Hedda’s How To:  I use this mask once a week or when I feel a Himalayan sized pimple beginning under my skin. Take the jar of dry clay and scoop out approximately 1 teaspoon.  I put it in a clean glass bowl or mug.  I add water or wine until the mask is at the consistency I like.  Personally, I prefer a slick to a thick putty type mud.  I use approximately 1-2 tablespoons of water or wine per teaspoon of clay.  It is a really, dark clay mask (hence the dark cocoa powder) and the red clay, so make sure to keep it away from your clothing to be safe.  I do this mask before my shower, because I like to do my décolletage and neck as well.  I apply the mask, wait 2-5 minutes (mine is a more like a thick slick or paint than a mud), once it is dry I clean it off.  I dry off and apply my serum or a face cream.

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