Organic Soap Nuts With Arizona Lavender


Ingredients: Organic Soap Nuts(Sapindus Mukorossi) & Arizona Lavender Flowers(Hyptis emoryi)

Description:  We are nuts about these organic soap nuts!  This is an all natural way of doing your laundry without all the harsh chemicals.  These nuts are organic, biodegradable, non-toxic, and completely chemical free!  The nut shells contain Saponin which is a naturally occurring form of detergent.  When the shells are placed in water they release their Saponin.  Soap Nuts have a variety of uses.  They can be used as-is to do your laundry, they can be boiled to make a natural liquid soap, and they can even be ground to make a powdered form of detergent!  We will be adding some videos soon to this page showing you how to make all of these other products with your soap nuts.  Each bag you purchase from us includes some Arizona Lavender Flowers which can be added to your soap nuts to give your laundry a nice lavender scent.  The soap nuts clean your clothing, but do not have a scent on their own.  That makes them great for people with skin conditions and fragrance or chemical sensitivities.  Please watch the Soap Nuts video below for more information on the benefits and use of these amazing little nuts!

LAUNDRY INSTRUCTIONS:  Place 5-7 soap nut shells in the small cloth bag that is included.  Add lavender for scent if desired.  Place your bag of soap nuts in with your laundry as usual.  Each bag can be re-used 5-6 times before replacing the soap nuts.  Allow soap nuts to dry between loads.


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Available:  Sample Size Bag & 1 Pound Bag


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